Bussmann, FNQ-R-15, Fuse, 15A, Time Delay

Bussmann SKU: FNQ-R-15
Bussmann, FNQ-R-15, Fuse, 15A, Time Delay

Bussmann, FNQ-R-15, Fuse, 15A, Time Delay

Bussmann SKU: FNQ-R-15
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Time-delay, nonindicating UL Class CC fuses tolerate temporary inrush currents without opening, which prevents nuisance-blowing from motor and equipment startups. Also called slow-blow Class CC fuses, they open to disconnect an electrical circuit when exposed to sustained loads and short circuits. They have no indicator for identifying a blown fuse, so they're sometimes used with an indicating fuse block or cover. Series LP-CC, ATDR, and CCMR fuses protect small motors and branch-circuit components. Series FNQ-R, ATQR, and KLDR handle inductive loads from devices such as control transformers and solenoids.

UL Class CC fuses provide a high interrupting rating and current limitation for overcurrent protection of branch circuits, control circuits, lighting, transformers, and general loads. Their rejection feature ensures a match with Class CC rejection fuse blocks and holders that prevent midget fuses from being installed. These 600VAC fuses have an interrupting rating (IR) of 200kA and are the smallest 600VAC, 200kA fuses approved for branch circuits. They are current-limiting to prevent electrical damage by disconnecting circuits before they're exposed to the full magnitude and duration of an overcurrent.


  • Rejection Type Style
  • High Inrush Time-Delay: FNQ-R Fuses Provide Significantly More Time-Delay Protection Than the Standard UL Minimum
  • Physical Size: 13⁄32" × 11⁄2"
  • Ampere Rating: 1⁄4 to 30 A
  • Interrupt Rating: 200,000 ARMS Sym.
  • Voltage Rating: 600 VAC
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