Indium WF-9948 Wave Solder Flux FLUXWV-84572-1GL | 1gal

Indium SKU: FLUXWV-84572-1GL
Indium WF-9948 Wave Solder Flux FLUXWV-84572-1GL | 1gal

Indium WF-9948 Wave Solder Flux FLUXWV-84572-1GL | 1gal

Indium SKU: FLUXWV-84572-1GL
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FLUXWV-84572-1GL, No Clean, 1gal

Product Description:

WF-9948 is a fourth generation high-performance no-clean wave solder flux designed for use with through-hole and mixed-technology assemblies. While only containing about 3.3% flux solids, WF-9948 is very heat stable and well-suited for selective soldering applications. It performs well with both tin-lead and lead-free solders. WF-9948 has been designed to pass all known reliability requirements, including J-STD-004B SIR and ECM. This modern flux is non-corrosive, compatible with probe testing, compatible with most conformal coatings, and does not contribute to detrimental circuit board insulation resistance degradation or electrochemical migration.


  • Passes J-STD-004B SIR and ECM requirements for ROL0
  • Indium Corporation created WF-9948 by adapting Indium’s very popular WF-9940 flux to the J-STD-004B requirements
  • Fast wetting halogen-free formulation
  • Wide process window for soldering larger and/or thick circuit boards
    • The halogen activator allows for better soldering and heat stability with lower total flux solids than a comparable halogen-free formula
  • More heat stable than rosin-free formulations Tested compatibility with a wide range of selective solder operations
  • Tested for use with all common lead-free and tin-lead alloys, including: SAC305, SAC105, SAC0307, silver-free tin-copper plus additive alloys, such as Indium Corporation’s Sn995, 96.5Sn/3.5Ag, 63Sn/37Pb, 60Sn/40Pb, and many others
  • Tested compatibility with Hot Air Leveled (HASL), Immersion Silver, Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) and Organically Solder Preserved (OSP) Copper Surfaces
  • Compatible with all spray fluxes
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