R & R Lotion FD-1-ESD ESD Flux Dispenser Red 26 Ga Needle (0.009" Id)

R&R Lotion SKU: FD-1-ESD
R & R Lotion FD-1-ESD ESD Flux Dispenser Red 26 Ga Needle (0.009" Id)

R & R Lotion FD-1-ESD ESD Flux Dispenser Red 26 Ga Needle (0.009" Id)

R&R Lotion SKU: FD-1-ESD
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R & R Lotion FD-1-ESD ESD Flux Dispenser Red 26 Ga Needle (0.009" Id)


I.C. ESD Safe Flux Dispensers are designed to dispense flux safely and cleanly in any cleanroom environment. Surface resistivity of 10^9 to 10^10 Ω/sq, and an average static decay rate of 0.5 seconds at 40% RH guarantee ease of access into static sensitive environments. While a stainless-steel needle-tip spout dispenses a precise and consistent supply of flux with no unnecessary resistance to the operator

•Leak Free •PBDE Free •Contamination Free •Eco Safe •BPA Free •Phthalate Free •PVC Free •Dishwasher Safe

Unfasten nozzle from base to fill ESD bottle with flux. Tightly refasten the plug and draw the needle through the nozzle. Fasten nozzle and squeeze to dispense flux.

• For use in a cleanroom or sterile environment
•For use in dispensing flux onto circuit boards
•For use in storing flux or solvents

Electronics Manufacturing, Cleanrooms, Static-Sensitive Environments

• Exceeds MIL-B-81705 & NFPA-56A “Electrostatic decay in accordance with Federal Test Standard 101, method 4046.”
•Tested to ESD ADV 11.21 surface resistance of Electrostatically dissipative materials between 1 x 10^4 and < 1 x 10^11
•Helps support the ESD control program requirements stated in ANSI/ESD S20.20.
•Meets EIA 625 triboelectric charge standards.
•Helps Meet ANSI/ESD S4.1
•DOD-HDBK-263 Military Spec Compliant


Dependable Dispensing Luer Lock hub seals tightly onto a UV-bonded 304 stainless steel needle
Corrosion Safe Compatible with flux, no-clean, water soluble, rosin, and acid solutions.
Application Control Premium pen tip guarantees clean and controlled spread of flux.
Industry Standard 3 sizes and colors. 16 gauge in black, 20 gauge in pink, 26 gauge in red.
Limitless Accessibility Eliminate lab restrictions by placing unsafe materials in ESD-Safe containers.
High Durability MDPE is highly durable and chemical resistant.
Grip Right Material Flexible material allows for precise and appropriate resistance.
Leak-Proof Moldings are fitted to their matching tops and form a seal when enclosed.
Close Quarters Risk-free material can be kept at reach inside of your workstation.
ESD Blue Designed retaining the iconic “ESD-Safe” blue tint to be easily identifiable.
Easy-Spot Material Translucent material allows for easily identifiable inner contents and levels.
Safer Plastic Made with no PBDE, BPA, or other known plastic contaminants.
Contaminant-Free Free of Amines, Amides, and other known antistatic additive contaminants.
Stainless Material Non-stick plastic cleanses all contents and contaminants from its surface.
Odor Resistant Free of trace odors or fragrances left by solvents and other chemicals.
Dishwasher Safe Can be washed inside on the top rack of a dishwater for cleaning and reuse.
Eco-Friendly Material is formulated to be recyclable and reusable.
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