ASM, 800071, UFP Eco Rolls

ASM SKU: 800071
ASM, 800071, UFP Eco Rolls

ASM, 800071, UFP Eco Rolls

ASM SKU: 800071
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Leveraging the benefits of hydrophilic fabric and a unique 3D structure, DEK’s UFP Eco Rolls are enabling new levels of cleaning efficiency. Unlike paper-based cleaning rolls, DEK UFP Eco Rolls quickly wick cleaning solution across the entirety of the roll, ensuring fast and complete coverage for maximum cleaning action and reduced solvent consumption.

With a 3D structure that has superb porosity and recessed pockets, UFP Eco Rolls allow the cleaning system vacuum to pull material out of the apertures and the unique fabric architecture traps the material away from the stencil underside.

Today’s fine pitch dimensions demand more advanced cleaning materials. UFP Eco Rolls deliver.

  • Material : 100% polypropylene hydrophilic fibre (No bleach used)
  • Manufacturing mode : Thermal bonding (No chemicals used)
  • Fabric weight : 50g/m²
  • Thickness : 0.25mm
  • Surface resistance :<10¹¹ Ω (NSI ESD STM S11.11)
  • Tensile strength : 95N/50mm, machine direction
  • 30N/50mm, transverse direction
  • Absorption capacity : 540% rapid absorption
  • Core : 100% virgin KRAFT paper (Green coloured)
  • Packaging : ESD safe
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