8331S-15G, Silver Conductive Epoxy, Slow Cure, High Conductivity

MG Chemicals SKU: 8331S-15G
8331S-15G, Silver Conductive Epoxy, Slow Cure, High Conductivity

8331S-15G, Silver Conductive Epoxy, Slow Cure, High Conductivity

MG Chemicals SKU: 8331S-15G
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MG Chemicals Silver Conductive Epoxy, 8331S-15G, Syringe, 15 g, slow cure, forms high strength conductive bonds.
The 8331S Silver Conductive Epoxy Adhesive: Slow Cure is an economical electronic grade epoxy that combines long working time and good conductivity with ease of use. It has a convenient 1-to-1 mix ratio and 45 hours pot life, which once mixed behaves essentially like a 1-part adhesive for the duration of a work shift. However, unlike 1-part adhesives that often require high heat (130170 C), it will cure at 65 C in less than 2 hours. The cured conductive adhesive bonds very well to most substrates used in electronic assemblies; resists thermal and mechanical shocks; and provides the low resistivity needed for many operating conditions. The 8331S epoxy adhesive is great for forming conductivity seals, bonding, and repairing of electronic devices. Good 0.0060 cm electrical resistivity and 0.95 W/(mK) thermal conductivity Easy 1:1 mix ratio and long working timemay be mixed once and then used as a 1-part epoxy for a four hour production shift Optimal cure temperature of only 65 C lower than most 1-part epoxies and suitable for use on heat sensitive components Stores and ships at room temperature no freezing or dry ice required Very long shelf life of at least two years even when stored at room temperature Strong water and chemical resistance to brine, acids, bases, and aliphatic hydrocarbons Room temperature cure is possible (96 hours) Excellent adhesion to most electronic substrates


Specification Test Method Result
Physical Properties - Cured
Color Visual Silvery Beige
Density 2.191 g/cm3
Hardness (Shore D durometer) 73D
Tensile Strength ASTM-D-638 13.5 N/mm2 [1,960 lb/in2]
Elongation ASTM-D-638 5.3%
Lap Shear Strength (Stainless Steel 304) ASTM D 1002 1.0 N/mm2 [160 lb/in2]
Compression Strength ASTM D 695 64.6 N/mm2 [9,370 lb/in2]
Water absorption
Outgassing (Total Mass Loss) @ 24 h ASTM E 595 0.43 %
Water vapor release (WVR) ASTM E 595 0.27 %
Collectable Volatile Condensable Material ASTM E 595 0.04%
Electrical Properties - Cured
Volume Resistivity After 65 C [149 F] cure Method 5011.5 in MIL-STD-883H 0.006 cm
Surface Resistance

After 25 C [149 F] cure after 96 h Square Probe ~0.35 /sq
After 65 C [149 F] cure after 1 h Square Probe 0.250.40 /sq
After 80 C [176 F] cure Square Probe 0.150.20 /sq
After 100 C [212 F] cure Square Probe 0.110.15 /sq
Thermal Properties - Cured
Thermal Conductivity ASTM E 1461

25C50C100C 0.946 W/(mK)0.911 W/(mK)0.877 W/(mK)
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) ASTM D 3418 34 C [93 F]
CTE prior Tg ASTM E 831 78 ppm/C
CTE after Tg ASTM E 831 158 ppm/C
Specific Heat @25 C [77 F]
0.96 J/(gK)
Cure Schedule
Working Life 45 h
Shelf Life 3 y
Full Cure @25 C [77 F] 96 h
Full Cure @65 C [149 F] 60 min
Full Cure @100 C [212 F] 50 min
Temperature Service Range
Constant Service Temperature -40 C to 150 C [-40 F to 302 F]
Storage Temperature of Unmixed Parts 22 to 27 C [72 to 80 F]
Physical Properties - Uncured Mixture (1A:1B)
Color Silver Grey
Density 2.43 g/mL
Mix Ratio by volume (A:B) 1:00:1.00
Mix Ratio by weight (A:B) 1.17:1.00
Solids Content (w/w) 100%
Physical Properties - Uncured Part A Part B
Color Silver Grey Silver Grey
Density 2.61 g/mL 2.25 g/mL
Flash Point >127 C [261 F] >93 C [200 F]
Resistivity of uncured material Off-scale (no reading) Off-scale (no reading)


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