Transforming Technologies JLM6206LB ESD Cleanroom Frock, Light Blue, 2XL

Transforming Technologies JLM6206LB ESD Cleanroom Frock, Light Blue, 2Xl

Transforming Technologies JLM6206LB ESD Cleanroom Frock, Light Blue, 2XL

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Transforming Technologies JLM6206LB, ESD Cleanroom Frock, Light Blue, 2 XL
Polyester Fabric with Knit Cuffs

  • ESD Safe Class 1000 Cleanroom Frock
  • Extremely Durable Cleanroom Fabric
  • Contains a Conductive Grid That Reduces Static Generation
  • Full-length lab coat - Covers More Clothing
  • ESD Knit Cuffs
  • Conforms to ANSI/ESD S20.20

High-Performance Garments that Protects Against Airborne Contamination and Static Charges

Transforming Technologies ESD Cleanroom Frock is engineered to meet up to a Class 1000 clean room demands for industries such as microelectronics, semi-conductors, disk drives, laser, and similar industries. The Cleanroom Frocks are made with static dissipative fabric for eliminating static on the wearer in cleanrooms.

All of the seams in the frock designed to maintain electrical continuity from panel-to-panel and from sleeve to sleeve in accordance with the ESD Association Garment Standard, ANSI/ESD STM 2.1

The knee-length frocks protect the environment from the number one source of contamination found in cleanrooms – people. The frock features a military collar, ESD knit cuffs, and YKK zipper closure with adjustment snaps at the neck.

Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20

The frocks are made with conductive nylon fibers woven throughout the material, providing continuous and consistent charge dissipation.  If this continuity is lost, an ESD jacket can become an isolated charged conductor and a major ESD threat. Transforming Technologies eliminates this threat by sewing the seams of the frock with conductive thread.

Superior workmanship and reliable panel-to-panel continuity makes the 6200 ESD Cleanroom Frock an excellent product to control contamination and static. The 6200 Series Garment maintains consistent continuity readings for up to 100 wash cycles. 

Technical Data Sheet

These frocks are perfect for use by dentists and doctors for work in dental offices, doctor offices and hospitals. Dental Frocks. Physician Frocks. Dental Cleanroom Apparel, Physician Cleanroom Apparel, Hospital Apparel.

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