841AR Super ShieldTM Nickel Conductive Coating

The 841AR Super ShieldTM Nickel Conductive Coating protects electronic devices in plastic enclosures from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (“EMI/RFI”). It is a durable acrylic lacquer pigmented with a high purity nickel flake. It is an easy to use, aerosol, solvent based system, with no heat cure necessary. It has excellent conductivity, strong adhesion to plastics, great corrosion resistance, and has a wide variety of applications.

The 841AR is designed to provide a conductive surface to the interior of plastic electronic enclosures to suppress EMI/RFI emissions, allowing compliance to FCC rules, and protecting the device from external EMI/RFI, preventing possible malfunction. It may also be used to shield different circuits or components within a device from each other.

841AR adheres well to wood, copper, aluminum, and many other surfaces beyond just plastics.

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