Rtv12C-1P Bottle (0.800 Lbs-0.363 Kg), Liquid, Curing Agent

MG Chemicals SKU: RTV12C-1P
Rtv12C-1P Bottle (0.800 Lbs-0.363 Kg), Liquid,  Curing Agent

Rtv12C-1P Bottle (0.800 Lbs-0.363 Kg), Liquid, Curing Agent

MG Chemicals SKU: RTV12C-1P
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Primary Characteristics
 Clear flowable 
 Primerless adhesion 
 Condensation cure 
 General purpose potting 
 Room temp. cure 
 Requires parts A and C
 UL94HB Recognized

Use for 
 General purpose potting 
 requiring clear, 
 room temp. cure 
 Applications where 
 primerless adhesion 
 is desired

A clear, two component, low viscosity potting compound that cures at room temperature to a soft pliable rubber. Will cure in deep sections. Designed to acheive primerless adhesion to many substrates, including metals, plastics, and ceramics. The excellent electrical properties make it a candidate material for both high and low voltage electrical assemblies. Cushions against mechanical shock and vibration. RTV12 is clear enough to allow visual observation of components during pouring. After cure, the clarity lends to easy identification, repair and replacement of components
Available Sizes

Catalog No. Description  
RTV12A-1G RTV12A 01G-Pail (9.50 lbs-4.31 kg)  


RTV12A 5GP- Pail (40.00 lbs-18.16 kg) Special Order 
RTV12A-55G RTV12A 55G-Drum (400.0 lbs-181.60 kg) Special Order 
RTV12C-1P RTV-12C-01P Bottle (0.800 Lbs-0.363 Kg)




Use General Purpose Potting
Special Feature Cushions against mechanical shock
Standards UL Recognized
  UL 94 HB
Cross Reference  RTV12
GE Silicone National Stock Number
Uncured Properties
Consistency Flowable
Color Clear (translucent)
Specific Gravity 1.00
Pot Life (@ 25C / 77F) 1.6 hours
Cure Through Time 24 hours
Useful Temp. Range -54C to 204C 
(-75F to 400F)
Cured Properties - MECHANICAL
Hardness 18 (Shore A)
Elongation 20 0%
Cured Properties - ELECTRICAL
Volume Resistivity 1 x 10 13 ohm cm
Dielectric Strength 400 V/mil
Dielectric Constant 3.0 @ 1000 Hz
Cured Properties - THERMAL
Thermal Conductivity 0.17 W/m K
Brittle Point -60C (-75F)
Thermal Expansion -29 x 10 -5 (C) -1
Viscosity (@ 25C) 1,300 cps
Mix Ratio (by weight) 20:1



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