Mg Chemicals Urethane Conformal Coating, With Uv Indicator (4L)

SKU: 4223-4L
Mg Chemicals Urethane Conformal Coating, With Uv Indicator (4L)

Mg Chemicals Urethane Conformal Coating, With Uv Indicator (4L)

SKU: 4223-4L
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MTE Solutions is proud to offer this MG Chemicals 4223-4L Urethane Conformal Coating. This item is typically in-stock and this page will reflect our current inventory level.


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Conformal Coating Description

Our 4223 Urethane Conformal Coating offers a highly chemical-resistant finish that meets UL standards for indoor conformal coatings. This one part coating is easy to use: it does not require special or costly equipment to apply. It is ideal for extremely corrosive environments. The 4223 polyurethane protects electric circuits against corrosive chemicals, moisture, dirt, dust, thermal shocks, and scratches. This avoids corrosion and physical damages to electric components. It also insulates against high-voltage arcing, shorts, and static discharges.


Polyurethane Applications & Usages

The 4223 polyurethane improves reliability, operational range, and lengthens the life of electrical and electronic parts. You will find it mainly in corrosive environments such as farming, mining, smelting, oil exploration, and marine industries. As well, it applies to any other areas where corrosion must be avoided. Common urethane conformal coatings industrial uses are with electric generators, motors, transformers, relays, and equipment controllers. Commercial applications span fire alarms, sensors, automotive electronics, electrical connectors, and porcelains. For example, poultry or hog farmers can use the 4223 Conformal Coating to protect sensors and electronics in modern farms against the atmospheric ammonia, urea, hydrogen sulfide, and humidity generated by animal waste and fertilizers.



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