4910-28G, Tip Tinner, 1 Oz.

MG Chemicals SKU: 4910-28G
4910-28G, Tip Tinner, 1 Oz.

4910-28G, Tip Tinner, 1 Oz.

MG Chemicals SKU: 4910-28G
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96.5% Tin / 3.5% Silver Tip Tinner
MTE Solutions is proud to offer this MG Chemicals 4910-28G Tip Tinner. This item is typically in-stock and this page will display our current inventory level. 
Product Description
The 4910 Tip Tinner is a lead-free mixture used for quickly cleaning, repairing, and maintaining solder iron tips. It is composed of SAC305 powder mixed with some thermally stable, oxide-reducing compounds that form a convenient tinning block. The re-tinning compound is suitable for both leaded and lead free applications. During use, a soldering iron tip can lose its protective layer of tin leading to oxidization. Oxidized tips exhibit poor heat transfer characteristics and lose their ability to accept solder. This leads to bad joint formation and prematurely damages the soldering iron tip. To extend the soldering tip lifespan and decrease solder joint failures, any de-tinned tip should be re-tinned as needed. The 4910 Tip Tinner re-tins better than standard rosin-cored wires and results in a more robust, oxide protective tin layer. The 4910 Tip Tinner also offers better cleaning than pads or wet sponges. Carbonized resin can be removed by simply wiping the soldering tip against the re-tinning compound without requiring heavy pressure or mechanical scrubbing.
Benefits & Features
  • Lead free Sn96.6/Ag3/Cu0.5 alloy
  • Suitable for both lead and lead-free tip repairs
  • Health and environment safe
  • Minimal fume production
  • Minimal residue
  • Non-corrosive
  • Easy to use
  • Halogen free


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