Arduino Compatible

"Making something so extraordinary to become ordinary is our end goal"

OSEPP has developed a new brand of Arduino compatible boards and products; fully functional and most importantly, fully accessible. These boards will help connect to Arduino, with ease, which is an Open-source electronic prototyping platform allowing to create interactive electronic objects. The open-source Arduino environment makes it easy to write code and upload it to the i/o board. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.  

Read more about Arduino & Open Source Design here:
  • UNO-01, OSEPP Uno (Arduino Compatible Board)

    UNO-01, OSEPP Uno (Arduino Compatible Board)

    (Arduino Compatible Board)  Arduino OSEPP Uno The OSEPP Uno board is the basic starter model. It serves as a great starting point to the wonderful world of Arduino. This board uses the 8-bit, AVR, RISC-based ATmega328P microcontroller from Atmel...

  • PRO-01, OSEPP Pro

    PRO-01, OSEPP Pro

    Arduino OSEPP Pro The OSEPP Pro board is tailored to more professional users who do not mind a build-it-yourself approach compared to the OSEPP Uno. Unlike the Uno model this barebones board lacks headers, which gives this board a low profile. Pro users...

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  • PRM-01, OSEPP Pro Mini

    PRM-01, OSEPP Pro Mini

    Arduino OSEPP Pro Mini The OSEPP Pro Mini board is a miniaturized version of the OSEPP Pro, which in turn is a stripped down version of the OSEPP Uno. Basically, this is as small as it gets which allows for easy concealment in projects.   ...

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  • NAN-01, OSEPP Nano

    NAN-01, OSEPP Nano

    Arduino OSEPP Nano The OSEPP Nano is a breadboard-friendly, downsized version of the Uno board with much of the same functionality. The main workhorse is still the ATmega328P; however, the number of analog pins has gone up from four to eight. The other...

  • MEG-01, OSEPP Mega 2560

    MEG-01, OSEPP Mega 2560

    Arduino OSEPP Mega 2560 The OSEPP Mega 2560 is the bigger brother to the OSEPP Uno board with more flash memory, more SRAM, more EEPROM, and more pins. This board is perfect for projects that require a lot of inputs/outputs or that require more complex...

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  • FIO-01, OSEPP Fio

    FIO-01, OSEPP Fio

    Arduino OSEPP Fio The OSEPP Fio board has wireless in mind. This board may connect to an XBee radio (sold separately) and has a connector for a lithium polymer battery which can be charged over the USB connection. The ATmega328P comes with the Arduino...

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  • BTH-01, OSEPP Bluetooth

    BTH-01, OSEPP Bluetooth

    Arduino OSEPP Bluetooth The OSEPPBluetooth board introduces Bluetooth connectivity to its users with the Bluegiga WT11, class 1, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR module. With more than 10 supported Bluetooth profiles, this board can be used for a multitude of...

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