Label & Marker Starter Kits

  • SKR-55 55 Gallon Drum - ReForm™

    The ReForm 55 Gallon Spill Drum is an efficient, fast response, emergency spill kit for medium size spills. It is packed in a UN approved polytethylene, lever locked lid container. It is made with ReForm so it offers superior absorbency at a lower cost...

  • SKA30 30 Gallon Lab Pack - Allwik®;

    This is a 30-gallon universal absorbent spill kit is ideal for small-medium spill responses. It is tough, secure and reusable spill kit with a screw-top. This kit includes: 25 Pads, 6 Socs, 6 pillows, 1 Pair Gloves, 3 Disposal Bags, 1 Pair Goggles,...