Microscope Systems

We are a Distributor of High Performance Precision Tools and Optical Inspection Systems for Industrial, Scientific and Research Applications.

The Digital Age
Digital image capture, storage and manipulation is ushering in a new age in microscopy. Digital microscopes provide you a broader range of functionality, flexibility and portability, expanding your capabilities beyond the traditional optical laboratory microscope.

Our pocket microscopes are perfect for situations where you don't need as much magnification as a lab scope, but you do need portability, precision and clarity

Stereo and Stereo Zoom Microscopes
Our Stereo Microscopes and Stereo Zoom Microscopes are manufactured exclusively for Aven by Carton Optical of Japan. Over the past 40 years, Carton Optical has built a reputation for providing the very best in optical performance and durability. Aven Stereo Zoom Microscopes are clearly the superior choice.

Biological Microscopes
Our range of biological microscopes are manufactured for Aven by Carton Optical of Japan.Carton is one of the premier manufacturer of microscopes and their microscopes are known for quality optics for fatigue free viewing and reliable mechanical components for durabilty and long term performance.

Microscope Accessories
Broad selection of accessories are available to help you customize your microscope system for your specific applications. Choose eyepieces and/or auxiliary lenses to achieve the magnification you require. Gliding stages, eyepieces with reticle scales and camera adapters and oblique viewers are also available.

Digital Cameras for Microscopy & Video Inspection
Our digital cameras are available with CCD (charge coupled device) or CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxilde Semiconductor) sensors in various resolutions. We recommend these cameras for applications where you need to capture images for further analysis or record keeping. Digital Cameras provide higher resolutions than analog cameras.

We offer digital cameras with USB or VGA outputs. Cameras with VGA outputs do not require a PC for image processing. All you need is a PC monitor (we recommend 19" and above).